The Little Prince

On March 4th, the 3rd and 4th forms of our school went to the “Stadttheater” in Gmunden to watch the play The Little Prince performed by Vienna´s English Theatre.

The story:

The little prince is really lonely on his small planet with his rose, so he wants to find a friend and decides to go away. On his journey he meets lots of different people: a king who wants to own everything, a scientist, a popstar without any fans, a businessman who counts the stars, a professor, a snake, an air traffic controller, and Foxy, who lives in the street. He tells the whole story to Flygirl, whom he meets in the desert after a plane crash. At the end of the journey he knows that the conceited rose is his true friend.

We really enjoyed the play because it was very interesting and funny. The actors were marvellous and the location was really nice.

The students from 3.C

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